Our World. Without Boundaries

The world’s first inclusive environment and disabled accessibility podcast

The Our World. Without Boundaries podcast is an essential tool to help spread the word about access, diversity, inclusive design and creating inclusive environments as far and as widely as possible.

To achieve this the podcast focuses on the details, the nitty gritty of everyday life in the firm belief that understanding about the core issues comes easily to everyone when they see how others live and that we all have a lot in common and that the issues of ‘just getting on with life’ are the same for all of us.

The podcast, inspired by Scope’s Extra Costs reporting takes listeners on a journey into the day to day of people with disabilities and impairments, life with a young family and short-term mobility issues and examines, through the power of interview and conversation, the specifics of these small challenges that might seem tiny and irrelevant to so many people who have, up until now, had no reason to even consider them, but really have a large impact on the individual.

Come with us on a journey to a brave new world. It looks like this one, just a whole lot better.

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What our clients say

"Great job! Above all, we felt that Perito understood that we are a fast paced customer focused business. We really felt that they understood the commercial aspect of our business and the clear layout of the report was great because it has given us a way forward. A thumbs up from all of us here, thanks again." - Fishalicious
"We’d like to thank James and his team for their professional approach, seamless dealings with us and satisfactory outcome for this survey.
The Perito team has added value in ways we hadn’t expected. In that it has enabled us to understand the costs associated with the works which we have and will use to good effect in our future planning and strategy. We are a charity and as such have to manage our funds wisely. Perito’s practical approach and their ability to recommend changes that had little or no cost as well as the larger more costly changes, has meant we are able to improve our Branch within our limited budget. Highly recommend." - Samaritans Plymouth Branch
"Perito Ltd performed an Access Audit for our South Essex Construction Training Academy branch in Basildon. We were really pleased with the report, it focused on what we could achieve by breaking down the actions so we really understood what the tasks were. We also used the report in our new funding model for The Advice Store. It was very useful to have all the information laid out so clearly." - SECTA - Southend on Sea Council