The success of schemes like the official Food Hygiene Ratings system, which can be seen on every high-street, (hyperlinked to Scores on the has proven that visible rating systems work and can become a permanent fixture in our lives. Even to the extent that businesses with 2 or in some cases 1 stars will use to system to prove that they are committed to making their organisation better even though customers might be initially put off by the low scores.

The Perito team regularly hears from people who would like to see similar schemes, specifically for disabled access, inclusivity and diversity, designed for all users rolled out near them but it is difficult to work out where to start and how to get the project off the ground so their area can benefit. To help fill this gap we have created a new service – inclusive and disabled access accreditation schemes.


What does an Inclusive Accreditation Scheme or IAS look like?

The news is regularly reporting that the great British high-street is under threat. Whether from online shopping, business rates, tax or simply by the cost of doing business.

An inclusive accreditation scheme simply looks to bring as many users as possible to business and organisations who have joined the scheme. The simple calculation is this:

Making it easier for everyone to shop equals a better bottom line which in turn means more profit.

The Perito Team understand that businesses and organisations can’t reinvest or innovate when the cost of doing business is so high. A Perito designed scheme focuses on improving the bottom line so that in turn the customer, employee, supply chain and the entire high-street or town centre see a direct and measurable benefit. Our schemes will also assist members to meet their duties under the Equality Act 2010. We look at everything from the units themselves, the public realm and common parts through to the vehicular and transport links.


What Products and Services Does Perito Offer?

Perito has developed two options which will be able to help make a scheme work for you:

  1. Bespoke Design Inclusive Accreditation Scheme
  2. Perito’s Inclusive Accreditation Scheme

Let’s take a look at the Bespoke Design Inclusive Accreditation Scheme option first.

We provide a dedicated project management and implementation service to support you to create a scheme which matches to your local aims and creativity. It’s likely you’ve been thinking about this for a while and you just need to add Perito into the mix to make it happen.

We can take on a variety of roles whether it simply be working with you to design a scheme that works effectively for your area, basic project support, help with cultural change management to get the scheme adopted by your stakeholders or simply a bit of support which points you in the right direction.

The second option is to take on Perito’s Scheme which has been designed from the ground up to make a positive impact for businesses:

Commonality of accreditation schemes help to generate maximum impact and assure sustainability and efficiency. This is why Perito has designed an accreditation scheme of its own which is shaped to bring the business and organisation closer with its customers.

We provide the framework, the skills to implement the scheme in your area, all marketing and change management/communications tools. We are also able to provide services that manage the scheme on your behalf.

This means that headcount and productivity is kept free for business as usual.


What can I do next?

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at currently because we are happy to talk over situation with you so give us a bell when you have a moment.

When you are ready, we can come and visit your location to discuss the scope in more detail.


IEC Disability Confident Scheme

In 2016, the Department of Work & Pensions replaced their old Two Ticks Scheme with the Disability Confident Scheme. The Disability Confident team say that the scheme is about ‘creating a movement for change, encouraging employers to think differently about disability and take action to improve how they recruit, retain and develop disabled people’. Organisations that become part of the Disability Confident Scheme help:

  • Change attitudes towards disability.
  • Increase understanding of disability.
  • Help remove barriers to disabled people or those with health issues.
  • Ensure that all people have the same opportunity to develop themselves.

The scheme is set out over three levels: Each level raises the proverbial bar and increases the scope and impact the scheme has on everyone involved. Each level must be completed before moving onto the next one:

  • Level 1: Disability Confident Committed
  • Level 2: Disability Confident Employer
  • Level 3: Disability Confident Leader

At Perito, we really like what the Disability Confident Scheme represents and how it can make a real difference to both employees and especially to employers. The Disability Confident website provides excellent guidance on how to become Disability Confident Committed but the Perito team will be able to help if your organisation does get stuck, free of charge.

If you would like our help, free of charge, to navigate your organisation to becoming Level 1: Disability Confident Committed then please let us know via email on or give us a call.

We help organisations know how easy it can be to create the most amazing inclusive environments.

James Wheeler MA,
Managing Director


What our clients say

"As a business owner I am interested in making sure my facilities are as accessible to my clients as possible. I wasn't sure where to start but Perito have been great in making the complex law straightforward and they provided me with a nice report. I was pleased that a lot of the suggestions were really practical and easy to sort out by my regular maintenance team and cost almost nothing to implement. The Perito inspection team were very discreet and courteous. Thanks Perito!" - Ikandu Ltd
"Perito performed an Access Audit for our South Essex Construction Training Academy branch in Basildon. We were really pleased with the report, it focused on what we could achieve by breaking down the actions so we really understood what the tasks were. We also used the report in our new funding model for The Advice Store. It was very useful to have all the information laid out so clearly." - SECTA - Southend on Sea Council
"Great job! Above all, we felt that Perito understood that we are a fast paced customer focused business. We really felt that they understood the commercial aspect of our business and the clear layout of the report was great because it has given us a way forward. A thumbs up from all of us here, thanks again." - Fishalicious