Financial Planning for your Property

Like most things in life it pays off to be proactive and the same goes for buildings of all shapes and sizes. Not planning ahead is called ‘Reactive Maintenance’, and as the name suggests, its all about not thinking about the condition of your property until the worst happens and there is suddenly a crisis from an otherwise easily solvable issue. It’s exactly like your car. If you follow the service plan then the components aren’t ever allowed to get to the point of crisis. Trust us we know, we didn’t listen to the timing belt complaining and it decided to give out on the M25 – exactly where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

Reactive repairs can also lead to major financial outlay so thinking ahead can do the opposite and that is where Perito come in. With a robust Planned Maintenance strategy in place we can help you anticipate and plan the timescales for major expenditure on cyclical repair and maintenance of the building’s fabric as well as the mechanical and engineering services (lifts, generators etc) using suitable specialists where appropriate.

Going back to the car thing again – think of us like a talking service history book. We’ll let you know when you should be thinking about doing what to make sure you aren’t caught out.

Sounds Expensive

Only if you don't do it.

Implementing a Planned Preventative Maintenance, or PPM, regime will ensure that your building is kept in good condition thus fewer unforeseen defects which will need to be fixed (often super urgently which, as you know, is even more expensive), it avoids downtime on critical systems like heating and cooling and if you are a commercial property owner then it stops disruption to tenants and occupiers which saves a whole heap of time and hassle.

Most leases will lay out obligations on the lease parties to maintain and repair, and implementing a PPM as a Landlord protects you, in particular, from breaches of the lease and helps establish appropriate service charge collections to prepare for the future outlay too.

In a nutshell, by proactively maintaining the overall health and wellbeing of your property, through targeted cyclical maintenance, you can maximise both your profit and your properties saleability.

Is a PPM Really Better Than Staying Reactive?

A massive yes! There’s a reason why PPM is so popular – its because it really works.

Specialist contractors charge fees at a higher rate and in extreme cases, like water damage or something serious with the structure, the building might need to be vacated. This would impact directly on lots of different issues let alone causing problems for yourself, family, residents or tenants. A plan from Perito will pre-empt many problems from occurring and will therefore minimise the final cost and cut down on the time it takes to resolve issues. You can also build the cost of PPM into your financial forecasting which means no raiding the cookie jar when that big bill comes in.

What value can Perito offer?

  • We’ve got extensive experience working on both small, medium, large and even famous buildings. Across both the residential and commercial sectors.
  • We provide detailed reports that you can easily follow and understand. Above all providing you with a clear-cut route forward
  • Insurance claims will be fewer and the cover will be cheaper.
  • The risk of building failure is far less likely (especially useful, this one).
  • Reduced cost.
  • Advice on allocating monies to ongoing cyclical maintenance (Most PPMs will range from 5 to 15 years).
  • Once we have the relevant information (floor plans, sample leases, maintenance records) we aim to turn around your PPM Plan inspection within a week and complete the report within 15-20 working days.

We help organisations know how easy it can be to create the most amazing inclusive environments.

James Wheeler MA,
Managing Director


What our clients say

"Great job! Above all, we felt that Perito understood that we are a fast paced customer focused business. We really felt that they understood the commercial aspect of our business and the clear layout of the report was great because it has given us a way forward. A thumbs up from all of us here, thanks again." - Fishalicious
"Perito Ltd performed an Access Audit for our South Essex Construction Training Academy branch in Basildon. We were really pleased with the report, it focused on what we could achieve by breaking down the actions so we really understood what the tasks were. We also used the report in our new funding model for The Advice Store. It was very useful to have all the information laid out so clearly." - SECTA - Southend on Sea Council
"We’d like to thank James and his team for their professional approach, seamless dealings with us and satisfactory outcome for this survey.
The Perito team has added value in ways we hadn’t expected. In that it has enabled us to understand the costs associated with the works which we have and will use to good effect in our future planning and strategy. We are a charity and as such have to manage our funds wisely. Perito’s practical approach and their ability to recommend changes that had little or no cost as well as the larger more costly changes, has meant we are able to improve our Branch within our limited budget. Highly recommend." - Samaritans Plymouth Branch