I’ve already got friends why do I need another one?

A lot of people thinking about buying a house are filled with the excitement and expectation of their decision. Considering it’s the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy it does seem a little bizarre that by the end of the process many people feel exhausted, a sense of loss of any control of the process and simply being part of a bureaucracy, which often seems at odds with customer service.

A lot of people feel that ‘it’ll be a better process as a seller, they have all the control don’t they’ well the truth is that often both the seller and the buyer are buying and selling the most expensive things they’ll ever own but are seemingly both just as vulnerable as each other.

A lot of people don’t like to let their property nightmares become that well known (or its so traumatic they have forgotten!) so if you’ve been asking your friends and family about what they think about buying a property you might only get a short, fairly useless, answer. Most forget the pain and move on! This is understandable because often people aren’t looking very analytically at the property buying process and often the market moves so quickly what they might have experienced could be widely different from what you are going through at the moment.

So, who or what exactly is ‘Perito Property Pal’?

Perito understands through first hand experience the pain of buying and selling and to help out, even a little, we’ve come up with Perito Property Pal.

A Perito Property Pal is a friendly human who is ready to explain things simply and put the process in bitesize pieces so that you can iron out the problems and help you power through the confusion and stress of the property buying and selling process. We know that buying a property can very quickly go from the buzz of finding your dream home to being bogged down in ‘what to do next’ and ‘how do I do that’, alongside the forms, decisions, surprises, joys and disappointments.

Your Perito Property Pal offers friendly guidance through the process, whether you’re a first time buyer, seller (or both!) buying a new build, old build, house, flat, looking at buying through schemes like ‘Help to Buy’ or a Shared Ownership property, we can offer you no nonsense, practical help through the journey

A consultation can happen over the phone, video call, or online chat to suit what’s most comfortable for you, and every session is tailored to what you want to get out of it. Whether you just want to have a chat through and understand how ‘Help to buy’ or ‘Shared Ownership’ really works, run through the stages of buying or selling, or are in the process and finding things difficult, we can ensure your specific queries are covered.

Perito Property Pal is someone who will listen to the problems you are experiencing and aim to provide some thoughtful pointers, just as if you are grabbing a coffee, or filling time during the adverts with your family on a Saturday night (or just agreeing with us that Ratatouille is the best film ever made over a pint!). We offer the benefit of our experience and helpful information to prepare you for the process – just like a good friend would!

Wow! This is exactly what I really need – what do I do next?

OK, lets get started then. Email us via the contact form. We’ll send you a short questionnaire. Fill it out and send it back to us. This will give us a bit of background information on your situation, as well as let us know what you want to focus on or get out of the session, and we can book you in at a time convenient for you. Simple!

It’s expensive like all the other services I’m being forced into buying, right?

Not really. We’ve tried to make accessing Perito Property Pal as affordable for all as possible, and by offering a flexible pay as you go service you can access as much or as little as you need. We think a 30 minute session concentrating on your queries is a good amount of time, which is a fixed £30 fee. We can do longer 1 hour sessions at £50 if you have lots of questions, or get in touch to block book if you think you might need more sessions with us later.

Plus we’re impartial and we’re not trying to sell you anything - just here to listen to your property quandaries.

The Boring Legal bit...

Perito Property Pal don’t offer legal, property or financial advice, and the main aim of the sessions are to help you make decisions, not advise you in any particular direction or tell you if something is or isn’t right for you. Advice given is on the basis of our best knowledge and should not be relied upon for making financial or legal commitments - You should always seek specialist advice from your solicitor, agents or financial/mortgage advisors on the really critical stuff. Perito Property Pal will not accept any liability for loss, damage, transactional outcomes or actions by a third party. Any links provided by us or on this website may lead to servers maintained by individuals or organisations other than Perito. Perito make no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, suitability or any other aspect of the information located on these third party sites and doesn’t monitor or endorse such sources or content.

What our clients say

"Great job! Above all, we felt that Perito understood that we are a fast paced customer focused business. We really felt that they understood the commercial aspect of our business and the clear layout of the report was great because it has given us a way forward. A thumbs up from all of us here, thanks again." - Fishalicious
"We’d like to thank James and his team for their professional approach, seamless dealings with us and satisfactory outcome for this survey.
The Perito team has added value in ways we hadn’t expected. In that it has enabled us to understand the costs associated with the works which we have and will use to good effect in our future planning and strategy. We are a charity and as such have to manage our funds wisely. Perito’s practical approach and their ability to recommend changes that had little or no cost as well as the larger more costly changes, has meant we are able to improve our Branch within our limited budget. Highly recommend." - Samaritans Plymouth Branch
"Perito performed an Access Audit for our South Essex Construction Training Academy branch in Basildon. We were really pleased with the report, it focused on what we could achieve by breaking down the actions so we really understood what the tasks were. We also used the report in our new funding model for The Advice Store. It was very useful to have all the information laid out so clearly." - SECTA - Southend on Sea Council