We are Perito

Specialising in disability access consultancy

Perito Ltd is a nationwide access consultancy based in Essex, near London. We specialise in providing accessibility services that help businesses, institutions, registered charities, Government and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) improve their properties and accessibility culture as well as helping organisations comply with best practice and with regulations. We support organisations anywhere in the United Kingdom (UK) - Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. We can also provide support for Europe-wide or global requirements too so please contact us.

Organisations can benefit from many commercial and cultural advantages by opening their organisations to new customers, users and employees. In addition, organisations can gain recognition in their field by improving their accessibility credentials through inclusive design and management.

By understanding your budget, operational needs and aspirations, our access audits and advice demonstrate how both small or large physical and cultural changes can improve access for all. From wheelchair users and mobility impaired users to less obvious neurological and long term illness related conditions, as well as benefiting everyone by providing safe and useable spaces. The requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (formerly the Disability Discrimination Act or ‘DDA’ 2005), and the Building Regulations can be complex to understand, and considering how these relate to your organisation can be intimidating.

We let organisations know how simple it is to be accessible.

James Wheeler MA,
Managing Director

Our services

Working with commercial, retail, leisure and industrial building owners and business occupiers, our range of services include plan appraisals, access statements and access audits.

An Access Audit is a survey of a premises to review its current fit out in the context of its use, its construction and configuration, as well as any management tools in place to appraise current accessibility for all types of potential users. The report produced following the inspection will advise on how accessible the premises are and offer a range of approaches to improve access credentials which can vary from simple furniture layout changes, management tools and processes, as well as larger alterations to the property. We provide budget costs within our reports for recommended adjustments and improvements to the premises. The report can be tailored to consider any specific requirements you may have, such as:

  • Staff, students or facility users who you would like to better accommodate
  • Budget constraints or other financial objectives.
  • A need to phase works over a longer period and prioritisation of more urgent items.
  • An old or challenging property which you are concerned about access for your operational needs.
  • You need to comply with current legislation to operate.

When planning works to refurbish, fit out, or construct new premises, access for all hasn’t always been the first item on the agenda. Increasingly, with ever evolving legislative and regulatory requirements, the need to consider access for potential users has raised awareness, but not always early enough to avoid late changes and additional costs later in the project. A Plan Appraisal will assess your proposals early on and comment on compliance and offer recommendations for alternative or additional requirements to consider. When captured early in the design stage, often very simple changes made before you have committed any funds will ensure that any essential inclusions are incorporated to plans and budgets.

Access Statements are generally required by a Local Planning Authority as part of a Planning Application submission. The best way to be sure that your Access Statement meets the Local Authority requirements and relates accurately to your plans is to ensure an access specialist provides a statement to accompany your application. Within this, we can ensure that your scheme or project is accurately detailed, references the correct and relevant legislation, guidelines and regulations in the context of the proposals, and is presented in a format which the Planning Authority will accept.

Accessibility specialists

Businesses that design, fit out, own or operate a building must consider accessibility for users with disabilities and long or short-term injury. At Perito, our experienced specialists provide expert advice to businesses and building owners.

This can range from access auditing your existing premises and recommendations for how you can make small and economical adjustments, through to inclusive design consulting and assessments and improvements to larger premises. We also implement development schemes to help businesses meet Equality Act 2010 access requirements and legal obligations for staff and visitors.

Building accessibility for owners and occupiers is often viewed as complicated and costly to put in place. However, at Perito, we utilise our extensive commercial property background to develop economical solutions that suit your business needs and budget. In many instances, we can help you become more accessible to all through small changes – which could cost nothing at all – yet enable you to access new customers and grow your business.